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The 98% of the merchandise in our online store is available in stock, the articles customizable, 2%, are managed on order, in order to provide the best possible service for our Customers!

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the sale of merchandise or services by British Racer, Villa Falchini street s.n.c. - 64100 Teramo - Italy, TAX CODE & VAT-ID: 01702800671, registered in the Register Companies of Teramo C.R.N. TE-154744.

("British Racer "or "we") to Customer ("you") through the web sites ("site").

1) Payment Methods: Taxes and Currency
Currency: Prices on our web site are in EURO currency ( to check currency rates).


VAT regulation

All the prices on the webshop are shown with VAT.

Outside European Union Countries, our web site prices are tax excluded, after Login.

For example if you are in USA, Switzerland, Norway, Australia etc... ( Non EEC Members ) you will see and pay tax excluded prices, after Login.

For each order our shopping cart will calculate whether the VAT is applicable according to the Italian tax regime, as follow:

• Italian Customers:

You will see the amount of the order including VAT.

• EU Customers:

For orders from customers resident in the EU, VAT will be applied as follow:

• Private EU Customer, without VAT number:
You will see the amount of the order including VAT.

• EU Dealer with VAT number:
VAT is not applicable in these cases: all the invoices will be issued with the net price.(art. 28 bis dir. 77/388/Cee e art. 41 d.l. 331/1993)

• Non-EU Customers:
For all customers from outside EU, both private or dealers with VAT number, VAT is not applicable: all the invoices will be issued with the net price.(art. 8 d.P.R. 633/1972)

European Union Countries: our web site prices are tax included.

For example if you are in UK, France, Spain etc... ( EEC Members ) you will see and pay tax included prices.

So outside EU citizens pay less than EU citizens? Absolutely No! Outside EU citizens pay British Racer the price without taxes but will pay to the courier, at the delivery, their own country custom duties and value-added taxes; final price could be more less or equal, this depends on every country import policy.

Invoice: every order we ship is billed, you will find the invoice outside the parcel.

Invoice is billed using data filled in the "billing address fields". Please note that after invoice is drawn, no correction to the billing address could be done.

2)Payment Method

2.1) For Outside European Union Countries (NO VAT/NO TAX):


Secure payment (SSL) via BNP Paribas Bank system for any purchase online.
Fast, simple, safe with SSL

Credit Card: transfers are only made on our Bank secure web site, your credit card will be managed outside our system. We will be able just to cancel or decrease transfers but never increase. To avoid credit card frauds, British Racer could request any document regarding the card and its beholder. For any credit card order whose shipping address is different from credit card holder address, the Bank reserves the right to request the document attesting to the ownership of the credit card.

*Bank Wire Transfer:

The orders will be processed after the payment, please send the BWT transaction, within 3 days.


NOTE: Cannot pay with PayPal? Proceed as follows:

If you have placed an order but for whatever reason you can not complete the payment process with PayPal please link directly to and send payment to with the reference number of order confirmation you received in your mail.
By this way the payment is completed and your order will be processed as quick as possible. (This applies only if you have a PayPal account)

* It is at our choice send the ordered material in multiple shipments at no additional cost and without prior notice.

3) Orders

3.1) You can buy only products or services present in the site.

3.2) Your order has been correctly placed if you receive an automatic e-mail generated by our server. This is the prove that your order has been received but not that it is confirmed yet.

3.2) Order Status - Tracking: Tracking on-line pages shows order status step by step. Visible pages are Three. 'ON-LINE FILL OUT ORDER': this is the page automatically generated using personal and product data filled by the customer. 'ON-SITE CHECKED ORDER': it is the page generated by a British Racer operator after the order has been checked. This page states we received your personal data and that we confirm your product's order. 'SHIPPED ORDER': it is the page generated after the order has been shipped.
'ON-SITE CHECKED ORDER' will show a totally or partial order rejection.

4) Availability and Delivery Time

4.1) The availability is daily updated, displayed in each item's product detail page and also in the basket.
The availability estimate on each item's product detail page refers only to how long it will take that item to leave us once you place your order. It does not include the time your order will take to reach you once we ship it. Shipping time depends upon the shipping option you choose. In any case order confirm will advise about delays or problems.

4.2) British Racer ships in one solution once every item is in stock. Extremely urgent parts can be shipped separately on demand, paying an extra delivery charge.

4.3) Unless customer's written communication indicating a term longer than 60 business days, or unless availability is more than 60 business days British Racer is bound to: 2.3.A) to carry out order as soon as possible but within 60 business days, from the day after the order or within availability period (you can check it in every product's detail); 2.3.B) After the delivery term is gone, British Racer informs the customer, who can decide to get on waiting, to totally or partially cancel his order, or/and to receive money back (only for advance payment orders); 2.3.C) unless customer's consent British Racer could not carry out orders with different products even if their quantity or their value is equal or higher.

4.4) Advance payment orders will be prepared only after receiving the bank's receipt and shipped only after payment would be recorded on our account.

4.5) Expected delivery for Italy destinations is 24/48.

4.6) Expected delivery for Outside Italy destinations is 24/48 for Express Service Destinations, 4/5 days for Ground Service Destinations (continental Europe).

5) Shipping : British Racer orders are delivered WORLDWIDE through express couriers.

Detailed information
Worldwide Deliveries
British Racer orders are delivered WORLDWIDE through express couriers.
The easiest way to check Which Service, How Long and How Much is to add products to the cart and check inside it.

Which Service:

Europe: we ship using Air Services.
Outside Europe: we ship only using Air Service.

How Long:

Europe: Ground Service usually takes 4/5 days.
Europe: Air Service usually takes 24/48 hours.
Outside Europe: Air Service usually takes 48 hours.
How Much: shipping depends which part and where we ship. Please check inside the product page or in the basket.


If basket displays a calculator, this is an order that we can not handle automatic. No problem! Please check out and we will send you as soon as possible an email with detailed delivery rates and payment methods. An operator (within 24 hours Mon-Fri) will calculated the shipping and send an e-mail containing the total amount of your order shipping included.

6) Prices, Taxes, Currency.

6.1) Prices are in EURO currency.

6.2) EU citizens pay taxes included prices, outside EU citizens pay tax excluded prices.

6.3) Every order is billed. Invoice is billed using data filled in the "billing address fields". After invoice is drawn, no correction could be done.

7) Return Policy

7.1) You may return any unused merchandise in its original conditions within 14 business days of the date you received the item and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item.

7.2) Return policy applies to every person who is a final consumer, customer who buy products outside their business.

7.3) Return policy does not applies to Professional Consumers, customers who buys products for their business.

7.4) Return Policy applies to any unused merchandise in its original conditions.

7.5) Return Policy does not apply to used or unsealed products (for example you can't try a muffler on your bike) and custom made products.

7.6) To return first contact us by e-mail, fax (+39 0861.232297) or a recorded-delivery service, we will provide you a RMA number (Return Material Authorization) to use for returning parts, then ship products to British Racer - via Villa Falchini s.n.c. - 64100 Teramo - Italy, insert a copy of the original invoice, a letter where you declare the parts you want to return, your bank account coordinates (only for bank transfer advance payment).

The Return must be authorized with RMA number, unauthorized return will not be accepted and not reimbursed

7.7) British Racer will refund within 14 business days the date of arrival to our warehouse the whole amount of the products except shipping costs and any import or export custom duties. If the purchase is part of a promotion where one or more items are given away as part of the primary products or sold at a special price, return items should be the whole promotion items; if the promotion purchase is composed by some products (for example a pair of tires), return items should be the whole promotion items as well.

7.8) We will not accept returns not authorized by a RMA number, COD return shipping, or at consignee's expense.

8) Privacy : Please refer to our dedicated section.

9) Guarantee : Please refer to our dedicated section.

10) Homologation: Except products whose description or detail form mentions the words "homologated" or "street legal", products that we sell are not street legal, they are not for highway use but only to use in closed circuits, fairs, sport events. Homologation is limited to European Union countries only.


11.1) INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE: We attempt yo keep this web site up-to-date as possible we can. But do to the changing nature of these typology of products, always chasing improvements and state of the art manufacturing we can not guarantee that all information or pictures are describing products as really they are or as really they will be delivered.
Prices are subject to change without notice, we can not be liable for any existing pricing changes, mistakes, typos, misprints or updates.
Pictures are for reference only and subject to change without notice.
British Racer can not be liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information found in this web site. Product application are suggested by every manufacturer, we do not assure correspondence with the OEM part.

11.2) PRODUCTS: Our products are not for street legal use or highway use, (except if indicated) they are for racing use only.
Riding a bike is really hazardous, We can not be liable for any outcome, damage, injury or death occurred while using our products.
Using product not legal for street use could be considered a crime or be persecuted, we disapprove use of racing products outside closed circuits, fairs, sport events.

11.3) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


12.1) Contract between Customer and British Racer is concluded in Italy and it is subject by the italian law. The parties consent to jurisdiction of venue exclusively in Teramo, Italy.

12.2) If any part of these Terms is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

12.3) • ODR Online Dispute Resolution (click here)

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