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"Triumph Classics" start headlight control module


Triumph Classic (air cooled)

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Simply plug-in control module into existing headlight wiring, now when ignition is in “on” position, only position light will be turn on while headlight stays off. 

This will allow more battery power available to start the bike. Once engine’s been started, simply flip high-low beam switch to turn on bike’s headlight and headlight will stay on until ignition is turned off again. 

This product originally was design for customer to have the option of turning off headlight when starting the bike. 

It is particularly useful when trying to start the bike in cold climate, when battery does not have much cold cracking power left; it would also allow people to run ECU or ignition test on the bike without having to hook-up to a larger battery because headlight is turned off. 

This product is very useful for all model with single H4 headlamp. 

So in short, this product is quite simple and easy to use, it offers customer option to. 

 Turn off headlight when cruising in parade.
 Battery will last longer because now you can start the bike with headlight turn off.
 Protect HID headlight system, if equipped, from repeated power surge damage during ignition procedure.
 OEM plug design, no wire cutting/splicing, ensure excellent reliability
 Built with automotive grade wiring with exceptional heat and cold resistance, to ensure long-term dependability.
 Prevent battery over drain during engine warm up.

Compatible motorcycles:
Bonneville (all) ← 2015 (air cooled)
Thruxton (all) ← 2015 (air cooled)
Scrambler (all) ← 2016 (air cooled)

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"Triumph Classics" start headlight control module

"Triumph Classics" start headlight control module

Triumph Classic (air cooled)

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