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CAN-Bus CBW1 resistor


CAN-Bus resistor

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Converting to LED turn signals can produce some unwelcome surprises on motorcycles with CAN-BUS systems. The flashing frequency is wrong, and error messages appear on the cockpit display. The likely cause is that the turn signals do not place a sufficient load on the bike's electrical system. When this happens, it's a strong argument for using the Highsider CAN-BUS *CBW1* resistor. It even has DIP switches which allow you to set 7 different resistances.

The *CBW1* resistor creates the necessary electrical load for your vehicle. When the DIP switches are set correctly, this load ensures that you will not get any error messages in the cockpit when you connect aftermarket LED turn signals.

If the new turn signals on your bike should stop working, due to an electrical fault, for example, an error message is immediately displayed in the cockpit.

Two channels, each with one load, can be assigned on the CAN-BUS resistor, for example, rear left turn signal and rear right turn signal.

The following resistances can be set:

150 ohms
170 ohms
240 ohms
300 ohms
400 ohms
600 ohms
1200 ohms


Height = 11 mm
Width = 31 mm (not incl. tabs)
Width = 46 mm (incl. tabs)
Length = 40 mm
Cable length = 200 mm with pins


Yellow = Input Channel 1 (+)
Orange = Output Channel 1 (+)
Blue = Input Channel 2 (+)
Red = Output Channel 2 (+)
Grey = Input Earth (-)
Black = Output Earth (-)

Comprises: 1 CBW1 resistor

Compatible motorcycles:
• Universal

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CAN-Bus CBW1 resistor

CAN-Bus CBW1 resistor

CAN-Bus resistor

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