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Fuel-X Powertronic PRO Hunter 350


Royal Enfield Hunter 350cc (air cooled)

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🚀️ Optimize the performance of your Royal Enfield Hunter 350 with FuelX Pro 🚀️

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to improve the behavior of your engine?

Then the FuelX Pro is the electronic fuel injection optimizer you need! Customize the air/fuel ratio yourself over 10 adjustment positions, adjusting your AFR to explore all terrains without worrying about external conditions, and enjoy a smoother and more pleasant ride 😎️. It is also an ideal complement for an engine configuration with a “Street Racing” type air and exhaust filter🏍️

The FuelX Pro provides a multitude of benefits for your Royal Enfield:
• Optimization of torque and flexibility of the motor
• Better throttle response, and feel a different responsiveness on your engine💫️
• Reduction of engine temperature
• Extend the life of your engine, and drive with peace of mind 💯️
• Choice of air/fuel ratio (AFR) in 10 adjustment positions from a switch button
• Adapts to all altitudes and weather conditions ⛈️
• Quick and easy plug-and-play* installation, without any modification to the original wiring
• Case designed for optimal protection against shock and vibration

Don't wait any longer, order your FuelX Pro for your Royal Enfield today or also discover our other FuelX and Powertronic products to optimize your motorcycle! 🤗️

By removing the Powertronic control unit, the motorcycle will return to its original condition

Compatible motorcycles:
Royal Enfield Hunter 350 2022 ↔ 2023 Euro 5

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Fuel-X Powertronic PRO Hunter 350

Fuel-X Powertronic PRO Hunter 350

Royal Enfield Hunter 350cc (air cooled)

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