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Nology HotWires cable kit


Thunderbird/T-Sport/Legend TT (air cooled)

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The Nology cables are the most technologically advanced ignition wires available. The Nology cables create the most powerful spark, are engineered with a special built-in capacitor and exclusive. This revolutionary design allows energy from the ignition coil to accumulate in the capacitor until the voltage at the spark plug electrodes reaches the ionization point. At that split second point the entire power of the stored spark is discharged at once, creating a spark 300 times more powerful.
The result is faster, more complete combustion, and most importantly, more HorsePower that's 100% smog legal.
Combine with Nology Profire Coil and Nology Silver spark plugs!
No modification are required!
Compatible motorcycles:
Thunderbird 1995 ↔ 2003
Thunderbird T.Sport 1998-2003
Legend TT 1998 ↔ 2001

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Nology HotWires cable kit

Nology HotWires cable kit

Thunderbird/T-Sport/Legend TT (air cooled)

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